1957 Porsche 356 Speedster



Dyno testing at Patrick Motorsports Phoenix AZ

 dyno track (1) dyno track (2) dyno track (4)final Isabelle (5)final Isabelle (1)dyno test final (5)

Final work done and picked up. The next outing is Rennsport V Reunion

final Isabelle (3)final Isabelle (4)

Testing at Bondurant raceway.  Mike McGovern behind the wheel of Isabelle

final Isabelle (2)dyno track (1)dyno track (3)

PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICA CONCUR MAY 2 2015 1st (322.7 out of 325 points)


2015 Copper State 1000:


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The detailed restoration of the 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster owned by Bruce “King Carrera” Jennings.




FOUND AND SPOKE WITH THE ORIGINAL AND SECOND OWNER PHOTOS OF CAR FROM THE 1ST OWNER WIFE AND KIDS IN 1957   7/22/13 Car received from California. Emptied tub, put on lift and began to assess repairs needed. Sent car to sand blaster.  

Post Sand Blaster

These images are from 8/2/2013 when we received the Speedster back from the sand blaster.

Work Done 1/2/14 to 2/7/14

1/2/14 to 1/9/14 – Fabrication> Left rear seat divider, cut out rust & fabricated new panel. > Left jack mount, straightened out & removed rust. 1/10/14 to 1/15/14 – Fabrication> Left, Right, Inner & outer lower front brace. > Small miscellaneous rust repair. 1/16/14 to 1/17/14 – Fabrication> Fabricated metal piece under dash, behind firewall. > Both front […]

Work Done 2/10/14 to 2/14/14

2/10/14 – Fabrication > Fabricated the L lower section on the firewall. Fully mig welded, ground is flush. > The floor sections have been reinstalled with the new firewall sections. > Floor is fully secured by sheet metal screws for now (temporary). 2/11/14 -Fabrication > Finished little details on fabricated firewall panels. > Started metal finishing on the right longitude panel. […]

Work Done 2/17/14 to 2/21/14

2/17/14 – Fabrication >Fabrication of Left rear floor/pumpkin section- fabricated patch panel, temporarily secured with sheet metal screws on floor side, welded/ground on rear panel side. 2/18/14 – Fabrication >Positioned rear tubing sections on rear panel, outside of pumpkin. Total of four. Made small filler sections to replace rotted sections. Cleaned up Fittings that were seized on threads. 2/19/14 […]

Work Done 03/13/14 to 03/21/14

03/13/14 to 03/14/14 – Sectioned left and right rear seat support panel, removed rusted sections.  fabricated new left and right rear seat support sections,  test fit, fully welded and ground flushed. 03/17/14 – Rear left outer body panel metal roughly straightened and metal finished, including rear outer body panel (lower section).  Engine bay panels roughly […]

Work Done 3/24/14 to 3/28/14

3/24/14 to 3/25/14 – Fabrication > Removed rust from front storage compartment rear panel. New panel (3 piece) fabricated, fit, trimmed and welded. > Front storage compartment right lower mounting section trimmed, fabricated new section. > Roughly metal finished front storage compartment inner panels. 3/26/14 – Fabrication > Intersection removed for replacement patch panel (hood). Patch panel […]

Work Done 03/31/14 to 04/04/14

03/31/14 – Fabrication >began fitting rear seat pans.  New pan trimmed and temporarily secured with sheet metal screw and vise grips.  Spot welds, welded through and primer applied before mig welding.   04/01/14-04/02/14 – Fabrication >Began welding in new rear seat pans and passenger side support patch panels.   Welds ground flush on rear seat […]

Work Done 04/11/14 to 04/18/14

04/11/14 to 04/14/14 – Fabrication > Began metal finishing (nose panel). > Removed left and right side pedal support & prepped for replacements. > New panels trimmed to fit & temporarily secured w/ sheet metal screws. 04/14/14 – Fabrication > Removed left firewall support panel bracket & prepped for replacement piece. > Fabricated bracket for left […]

Work Done 04/21/14 to 05/02/2014.

04/21/14 to 05/2/14 – Nose Work: > Left front nose support/headlamp drain tube fit for install. > Left replacement headlamp socket prepped by removing unnecessary tabs and fit to body/inner fender brace. > Right front nose support/headlamp drain tube fit for install. > Began fitting nose gutter replacement panel.   Trunk Work: > Inner lip folded […]

Work Done 05/05/2014 to 05/16/2014

05/05/14 to 05/07/14 – Fabrication: > Trimming front nose gutter for fitting. > Metal working (replacement) front nose gutter. > (2) Molding rounded edges into proper 90 degree alignment. > Prepping original nose panel for welds (weld through primer).   05/08/14 to 05/09/14 – Fabrication: > Welded holes on top left and right front fenders. > Prepped engine […]

Work Done 09/22/14

Engine Install- engine was installed and bolted wiring harness was fed to the rear for starter, generator and voltage regulator.  Rear tail light wiring as well.     Floor Pans Install- Center floor pans were measured and screwed in for perfect fitment before final weld.  Center floor pans were finally welded in and undercoated.   […]

Work Done 06/23/2014 to 07/01/2014

05/23/14 to 07/01/14 – Assembly: Installed transmission and trans axles, detailed all bolts and undercarriage parts (nuts, washers, etc.,), detailed and painted spring plates and covers, rebuilt steering box and new tie rod ends (inner & outer), detailed backing plates and installed with new brake components, installed rear wheel bearing kit, seals were replaced with new […]