Work Done 03/31/14 to 04/04/14

03/31/14 – Fabrication

>began fitting rear seat pans.  New pan trimmed and temporarily secured with sheet metal screw and vise grips.  Spot welds, welded through and primer applied before mig welding.


04/01/14-04/02/14 – Fabrication

>Began welding in new rear seat pans and passenger side support patch panels.   Welds ground flush on rear seat pans and passenger side supports.   passenger door stripped to bare metal also rear deck lid was stripped to bare metal.  rear lid grill fitted and fins straightened.

04/03/14 – Fabrication

>Upper support brace removed,  welds ground flush and front inner storage panel removed.  surrounding inner panels straightened and metal finished.  Trunk lid catch plate panel (structural) moved into factory position by hydraulic ram.  surrounding panels prepped for new replacement panels.

04/04/14 – Organizing

>all parts sorted and organized.  began list for parts that need ordering or sent out for outside work.