Work Done 3/24/14 to 3/28/14

3/24/14 to 3/25/14 – Fabrication

> Removed rust from front storage compartment rear panel. New panel (3 piece) fabricated, fit, trimmed and welded.
> Front storage compartment right lower mounting section trimmed, fabricated new section.
> Roughly metal finished front storage compartment inner panels.

3/26/14 – Fabrication

> Intersection removed for replacement patch panel (hood). Patch panel was trimmed fit and temporarily secured.
> Outter skin was fit, trimmed and temporarily secured. Also fit and shimmed it to body.

3/27/14 – Fabrication

> Pulled Speedster off rotisserie onto modified rack (custom fab rack). Also spent time assembling Spyder.

3/28/14 – Fabrication

> Rear seat pan was trimmed and fit.
> Removed rust section from passenger side seat support panel and fabricated a new piece. It has been fit and is ready to weld in.
> Installed passenger door (shimmed and fit).
> Driver door prepped to bare metal for removal of 13″ crease.