Work Done 03/13/14 to 03/21/14

03/13/14 to 03/14/14 – Sectioned left and right rear seat support panel, removed rusted sections.  fabricated new left and right rear seat support sections,  test fit, fully welded and ground flushed.

03/17/14 – Rear left outer body panel metal roughly straightened and metal finished, including rear outer body panel (lower section).  Engine bay panels roughly straightened, metal finished and removed epoxy primer to bare metal.

03/18/14 – removed left and right headlamp support bracket/vent tube.  re-fabricated right and left headlamp support brackets. Began stripping each wheel opening, removing old undercoat and epoxy primer.

03/19/14 to 03/21/14- started stripping wheel wells.  Fabricated gas/brake pedal mount. Misc grinding and straightening. Prepping for rear seat pan and nose panel.