Work Done 2/10/14 to 2/14/14

2/10/14 – Fabrication

> Fabricated the L lower section on the firewall. Fully mig welded, ground is flush.
> The floor sections have been reinstalled with the new firewall sections.
> Floor is fully secured by sheet metal screws for now (temporary).

2/11/14 -Fabrication

> Finished little details on fabricated firewall panels.
> Started metal finishing on the right longitude panel.

2/12/14 to 2/14/14 – Fabrication

> Worked on metal finishing, metal treatment, straightening braces, brackets and body lines.
> Straightening metal lips and ridges in all wheel wells (see pictures).
> Metal was chemically treated on L lower wheel well, L rear wheel well and longitudinal panel to restrict & protect against future rust.
> Beginning work on engine tray.