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Go for a ride with the our driver of the Tojeiro California

This is the unbelievable ending  to this finished  66 911 race car . When went to start the engine for the first time it started instantaneously and idled.

Odometer hit  exactly 1,000 miles  of test driving at Bondurant’s.  The final testing  is on the track with Chief Driving Instructor Mike McGovern 


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This is our next project 1979 911SC it will be backdated to a 73 RSR


John Tojeiro California

  Andy Reid me in the Scarab   Andy Reid in the Scarab me in the Tojeiro great fun it was.     First time driving is at Musclemann’s race track. Tojiero California Handled better then both the 911 cars.     Lift inspection   John’s son Robin Tojeiro has a new company  Tojeiro […]

1957 Devin-VW Original D prototype

  This historic one-off racer from the late 50’s features Devin’s first body, paired with a VW chassis and motor. Being the first “Devin”, only stories from the original witnesses of this car can give you the full detail on how this fun and unique car came to be. Enjoy From Ron Cummings, April 2016: “What […]