Work Done 1/2/14 to 2/7/14

1/2/14 to 1/9/14 – Fabrication> Left rear seat divider, cut out rust & fabricated new panel.
> Left jack mount, straightened out & removed rust.
1/10/14 to 1/15/14 – Fabrication> Left, Right, Inner & outer lower front brace.
> Small miscellaneous rust repair.
1/16/14 to 1/17/14 – Fabrication> Fabricated metal piece under dash, behind firewall.
> Both front inner fenders support to rocker panels were metal finished.
1/18/14 to 1/23/14 – Fabrication> 356 Speedster(R rear rocker replacement (Steel)).
> Fabricate New Panel (Section).
> Finished replacement panel on R rocker panel.
> Coated all inner panels with rust treatment (descaled) and rust converter.
> Rubberized under coating (to prevent rust).
> Began replacement panels on inner rocker to complete floor.
1/23/14 – Fabrication> Arranged rear bay and brought speedster inside to be worked on.
1/23/14 to 1/27/14 – Fabrication> Finished fabrication on Inner L rocker.
1/27/14 to 2/1/14– Fabrication> Finished welding left inner rocker panel. Trimmed rear floor section and secured with sheet metal screws.
> Finished getting front floor section trimmed and set in place. Will have floor ready to weld in tomorrow.
> Received transmission from sandblaster.
2/2/14 – Fabrication> Replaced left side rear seat support.
2/5/14 – Fabrication> Replaced right side rear seat support.
2/6/14 – Fabrication> Trimmed and cleaned rear seat pan outer area to be ready for seat pan. Laid tape design for transfer to sheet metal for fabrication of rear seat pan.

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