356 355 GT-3 front 000_1201XJ220 550 back redline

*All cars for sale are now currently listed under classifieds.

These cars are for sale by private owners (no sales tax).

Please contact Chuck with any questions at (520) 977-5394.

1966 911 Bahama Yellow

All good now! The first test drive after Concourse show 200+ miles. The ignition rotor burnt out in Sonata at Shell station after fill up 20 miles to the gallon. This car on May 5th at the Porsche Club of America Concourse placed 1st in full concourse with a score of 322.9 out of 325 […]

1972 911 T sunroof matching number Coupe Sold 6/28/2017

see full image   This is a California New Mexico accident rust free 911 sun roof coupe   Here is what I know on the car history as of today May 24th. Local Dr in Deming heard I knew about Porsche’s and called me. He was in the middle of a divorce and had to […]

1958 Dick Williams Special

Now for sale, the 1958 Dick Williams Special. Contact Chuck for more info at 520-977-5394.   The one of a kind Bat Car built by Dick Williams and restored by Redline Service.   During the build: