356 355 GT-3 front 000_1201XJ220 550 back redline

*All cars for sale are now currently listed under classifieds.

These cars are for sale by private owners (no sales tax).

Please contact Chuck with any questions at (520) 977-5394.

Adam’s Autos

This is a collection over 600 cars. Owner has decided after 50 years of collecting  it is time to be sold. He remembers the story of most of these automobiles. Many of them he parked here himself.  Like the yellow diamond T Truck that was used to move mobile homes. It was parked in 1976 after it towed a […]

Tojeiro California Spyder

In 1959, the famous car designer and builder John Tojeiro, most recognized for his work on the AC which later became the Cobra, began creating of one of his last front engine sports cars. The new car incorporated a tube frame structure similar to the early Ecurie Ecosse Tojeiro Jaguar that ran at LeMans, but […]

1962 Porsche 356 Karmann Notchback Coupe

  A little history behind the Karmann Notchback coupe’s: I like to use the term “COUPERIOLET”, as the notchback really started out from the factory as a cabriolet. Many became couperiolets by having their welded tops removed again. The first built 1961 Karmann notchback T-5’s started out as Reutter cabriolets that had hard tops welded on […]

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1958 Dick Williams Special

Now for sale, the 1958 Dick Williams Special. Contact Chuck for more info at 520-977-5394.   The one of a kind Bat Car built by Dick Williams and restored by Redline Service.   During the build: