1972 911 T sunroof Sold 6/28/2017

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  This is a California New Mexico accident rust free 911 sun roof coupe


Here is what I know on the car history as of today May 24th.

Local Dr in Deming heard I knew about Porsche’s and called me. He was in the middle of a divorce and had to figure out what to do with his ’72. He bought the car in LA.  He told me he was driving back from LA to Deming, NM where he had a job with the hospital. The car had been overhauled by a “Very fine shop with a good reputation”. On the way back the car smelled like oil burning. He took it to a VW shop in Deming to have them find out what was wrong. They told him there was a guy in the shop who knew something about Porsche engines and they were just like VW’s. He took the engine out and noticed that there was a leak of oil coming out of the cam towers and he went in an fixed it with some JB Weld. When he put the engine in the car, it smoked so bad that they had to take it out. From there, the engine went to the garage of a friend where it sat for years (you saw the pictures). Meanwhile, years later, his wife files for divorce and he needs to sell the car which has been sitting in a storage barn in Deming.

3/3/15 –Redline

  1. engine disassembled, cleaned, one cylinder replaced and all others were re-ringed, one rocker replaced, new rod bearings, replace #5 rod, rebuild heads with new valve guides, replaced both rocker oil lines, new cam chains, rebuild CV joints
  2. 6/15/15 Trans disassembled, new mainshaft with 1st gear, new synchro 2nd gear, trans mounts
  3. engine: 6 injectors, 3 injector lines, FW, Distributer, repair exhaust, steering wheel, bleed brakes, new motor mounts

10/15/15 North Hollywood Spedometer : 36,739 miles rebuild speedo, tach, convert clock to quartz, replace outer bezel

7/28/16 – take off black paint

3/2017 –  paint car Royal Purple

New  Rubber

Front and Rear winshield – Front chrome deco

Hood seal

Door seals

Bumper/Body Front and Rear

Door Handles

Engine Sound Pad replaced

Front and rear lid dampeners

Front seats sent to Auto’s International for rebuild

Carpet set from         “          “

Valeo Altenator with Voltage Regulator

Front Fog Lights

Trunk Carpeting

Radio Speakers

Horn Contact

Hood Emblems Front and Rear