1978 911 SC Targa RUF #144

This is a 1978 and 911 SC Targa was purchased out of California the owner stated that the car was brought to California from Germany was a RUF prepared Targa (one if only two). The car was purchased to acquire the engine and transmission to be installed in a 73 911 RS clone  sunroof coupe. Can I stock 3 L 911 a C engine was installed in the car and sold. Years later Redline service reunited the original engine and transmission in the Targa has you see it today. According to the certificate of authenticity from Porsche cars this Targa was equipped as a European delivery car.  When the front oil lines were being replaced to the oil cooler in the front RUF air dam The original RUF label was discovered showing as model 911 number 144.  The engine was placed on the engine skin and the service was completed. Cylinder leakage was under 4% on all six cylinders. Upon placing a dial indicator on the camshaft it was determined that this engine has camshafts of the Carrera RS or 911 S model. The original Weber carburetors been replaced with a set of 50 mm PMO carburetors. The BBS wheels that go on this car are date stamp to for the 41 week of 1977.  Unfortunately there is no longer any documentation on this car.