Work Done 05/05/2014 to 05/16/2014

05/05/14 to 05/07/14 –

> Trimming front nose gutter for fitting.
> Metal working (replacement) front nose gutter.
> (2) Molding rounded edges into proper 90 degree alignment.
> Prepping original nose panel for welds (weld through primer).


05/08/14 to 05/09/14 –

> Welded holes on top left and right front fenders.
> Prepped engine compartment and all 4 wheel wells for bare metal coating/sealant.
> Began sealing all 4 wheel wells as well as engine compartment.



05/12/14 to 05/16/14 –

> Finished coating wheel wells and engine compartment.
> Began prepping rear seat section for bare metal coating/sealant.
> Rear seat section coated with sealant.
> Headlamp inner buckets sealed and coated.
> Front nose gutter welded in and ground flush (finished from last week).


Current state of the Speedster (5/16/2014):