Work Done 04/21/14 to 05/02/2014.

04/21/14 to 05/2/14 –

Nose Work:
> Left front nose support/headlamp drain tube fit for install.
> Left replacement headlamp socket prepped by removing unnecessary tabs and fit to body/inner fender brace.
> Right front nose support/headlamp drain tube fit for install.
> Began fitting nose gutter replacement panel.


Trunk Work:
> Inner lip folded to replicate “factory” specifications. Then temporarily tacked into place.
> Replacement outer skin panel temporarily fit to hood (for mock up, gaps & alignment).
> Original outer skin sectioned for butt-weld, inner structure treated with rust preventative.
> Outer skin spot-welded and outside lip hammered and dollied to factory specs.
> Hood latch and catch installed and temporarily positioned for alignment.
> Hood catch welded into position. Entire replacement hood-skin spot welded (completely) and ground flush.
> 4 inch section on each side of trunk fabricated and welded to replace rotted areas.